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5 reasons you should be using a Lotus Bidet Toilet Seat

5 reasons you should be using a Lotus Bidet Toilet Seat

What Is A Bidet Toilet Seat?

The bidet toilet seat has been used in West Europe and East Asia as a separate bathroom fixture next to the toilet for centuries. And the bidets become more and more popular since we entered the year 2020. 

The Lotus Korean Bidets, such as the Lotus Bidet toilet seats, are commonly called Lotus bidets, which is a single toilet seat unit that you can attach to an existing toilet. As electronic bidets are very popular among the Asian countries, electric bidets toilet seats are installed in more than 80% of Japanese households. The main function is to clean yourself up with water, instead of using the toilet paper, the bidets also provide you with many other functions like water spray massage and air dry. The Lotus bidet is a leading manufacturer of toilets and bidets. 

Lotus Bidet Features:

It’s not so hard to see that Lotus is endeavoring to make their bidets on the way towards success. There are many functions you can expect from this brand, their newest technology oscillating spray options, is a nice choice dealing with constipation and some other medical issues. The Lotus bidet is targeting itself as a middle-range toilet brand, so all their bidet you will expect a warm air dryer and hot water supply. 

  • Pure stream: This is a very special design this company does just for constipation patients. The steam will lead out a gentle but with water pressure water to wash off the dirt around the injury area and provide you with a comfortable sense. 
  • Rear wash: With this button a stream clean throughout your rear part.
  • Feminine wash: A stream button that you can use to clean exactly for women, the nozzle position will be a bit forward for the vaginal private part. 
  • Heated seat:Usually the seat temperature can be set into 3 different levels, and after the bidet sense your weight, the seat temperature will reduce in order not to overwhelm your butt. 
  • Slow close lid
  • Oscillation

5 Benefits of using a Lotus bidet:

  • Cleanness, more hygiene: Water cleaning is an effective way to clean yourself up rather than using toilet paper. With the oscillation function, the water spray can shake off the dirt entirely without doing any harm to your butt.  
  • Reduce waste in your home: By reducing the amount of toilet paper used.
  • Eco Friendly: Saving trees by not using toilet paper.  Also the pure stream and filter water help with reducing the need for harsh chemicals.
  • One step closer to modernize your house: An electric bidet toilet seat is designed to make your house more upgraded and improved. 
  • Comfort: Heated seat, heated water, as well as a LED night light make using the bathroom and reduce the risks of falling during the night. and Extend the year of usage. 
Lotus Bidet

Now if you are looking for a Lotus electric bidet toilet seat to make your bathroom stand out from others, it will definitely make the point. Whether you are going after design, personal hygiene, comfortable for using or sustainability, the Lotus bidets have it all to make your daily life more pleasant! Those of you who might not know the Lotus bidets, you can also click here for more details. 

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