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Bidet Q & A: Bio Bidet BB-600 review, all you want to know!

We did research on a bidet from amazon last week during the COVID-19 outbreak. It took a while to finally sent into our address, but so far everything is great! Now we have a few updates on this model, and if you are interested in BioBidet BB-600, feel free to look through it.

If you never consider using a bidet,  yet you don’t know which one or even if you are totally lost in so many models or brands. Just give a try on this one. In fact, most of us don’t like to choose, so we chose the best selling one, and it proved that most people’s choice is correct. now we collected some questions which people ask most, and in return, we will give you guys some answers from our own perspective before you need to make a decision on this BB 600. We have learned a lot in this process and here is why we want to share these with you.

How did we come forward with this bidet purchasing idea? 

In fact we have been thinking about this for a while. Last year since it entered summer and every time when we saw people complaining they get to take a quick wash, it is kind of miserable. As some pregnant women’s belly start to show, moving is kind of tiring for them, and each time after cleaning, they always use tissues to dry up the butts. 

What is a bidet or a bidet seat attachment/bidet attachment?

Basically it’s a washing device for your butt. Sometimes it comes with the model you buy, it can also be a small device for you to connect it in between your toilet seat and lid, this device will wash you off with warm/cold water after you are done with your business. There are many bidets which contain pretty basic functions. And some bidets have all kinds of bells and whistles like heated water, control of direction and power of sprayer, dryers, and night lights.

A little about my bidet

We decided to get BB600 on the Amazon. It has 1400+ review and most of them are positive. Jill and I have a budget of around $500, we decided to get a middle-range bidet, and this BB 600 is totally perfect for all our demands. There are a front and a rear warm wash water cleansing system on this version, and what Bio Bidet is calling in the year 2020 is the antibacterial material they are using building the lid and seat, to provide you extra cleaning and safe feeling when you are using it. With the dual moveable cleaning nozzle head, it also offers you a massage feature that provides warm and constant wide wash when you are cleaning. I think this function is really good for pregnant women and constipation patients.

It features:

`6 modes of wash models

`2 nozzle heads

`3 levels of water temperatures

`3 levels of seat temperatures

`self-cleaning function

`child wash mode

`adjustable warm air function


  • No more toilet paper
  • The safety sensor and heat seat, so I do not have to sit on the cold lid in winter
  • I like the self-cleaning nozzle because it can clean up the mess and I do not have to worry further
  • Very easy to apply to my excited toilet bowl 
  • The dryer is very refreshing
  • I feel cleaner and more valid


  • It takes a longer time to dry out entirely, and if you are in a hurry, you’d better use the toilet paper
  • it has a side control panel, I do not like, I like remote control which I can set on the sidewall
  • It fits only on the elongated toilet bowl, you may want to take a second thought on that. 
  • Installation is a bit confused, but it got easier after I watched an install video on Youtube

How much do they cost?

Ours was in the $350-400 range although it’s decently fancy. You can get some no electric versions, there will be only cold water and they will be cheaper. Conversely, you can also get way fancier versions than ours for $400-$1000, and sometimes they can be above $1000.

Will my kids play in it and ruin the bathroom?

Our testing model BB600 has a sensor after you seat on. But you may want to keep an eye on your children not to press the buttons around the side panel.

There is also a child wash mode for this model. 

Where did you get yours?

We get our sample bidet on the Amazon, you can get one click here.

BioBidet BB 600

How do I know if my seat is considered round or elongated?

Before you decide to buy, you will need to know if you have a round or elongated toilet bowl. Measure from the bolts to the end of the toilet. 16-17 3/4 inches is generally considered round and anything beyond that is elongated. The bidets on amazon all have measurements so you can compare before you buy.

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