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Bidet Toilet Seat Frequently Asked Questions (Part I)

Bidet Toilet Seat Frequently Asked Questions

Now we have been doing researches on our market for a long time, and we have been receiving many questions from our consumers. Today we integrated some questions that have been asked most frequently, and provide you some valid answers, therefore, to give you a more enjoyable shopping experience before you make the purchase. 

Will a bidet seat fit on my toilet?

Mostly bidet toilet seat will fit on our existing toilet bowl. Like if you have an elongated toilet bowl, the dimension that you have on this version should be 18.5’’x3.5’’. The round toilet is rare, but it still exists in many large households grounds. Mostly a bidet attachment will fit themselves right in both round and elongated versions, but you need to pay additional attention that, now almost all the electric bidet seats could only fit on the elongated toilet bowl. In this case, you may want to switch to an electric bidet that comes with a toilet bowl, which usually more expensive than the normal ones, or you can switch your toilet bowl to an elongated version to fit the bidet seat. 

Why do bidet seats cost this much?

The electric bidet toilet seats’ pricing usually depends on the features they have. There are many basic ones and with minimal features that these bidets have, and some luxury bidets seats have all the bells and whistles. There are also many comparison charts on our website you can check.

Prices are different from brand to brand. There are many retail products, TOTO is the best-known brand among all the brands, as well as Kohler, but they also have cheap models. 

What bidet do you guys recommend? 

Recently we researched a lot on the TOTO G 400 model. The TOTO G400 is a bidet with many luxurious functions as you can imagine because the price of this TOTO G400 model is above $1,000. This version is completely automatic, it will sense your approach and open the lid automatically, then all you have to do is to sit down and do your own business. 

toto g400

There is an automatic premise spray, as this is a typical function of the TOTO brand, this function will clean the inside part of the toilet bowl before each use, instead of leaving a mess, the premise function is like preparation to serve your toilet experience. There is an innovative ceramic glazing function on this bidet, it can prevent extra waste when the nozzle head brushes the bowl or it does the self-cleaning function. When you are seated on the bidet, you will sense a constant warm and heated seat that can provide you with extra comfort. It is a bidet we are now recommending a lot, and it is very much worth your money. 

Are there any cheap bidets you guys recommend?

tushy classic bidet

You can try some nonelectric bidet seat brands like Tushy and Luxe. They provide good quality cheap bidets at a good price, usually under $100. But unfortunately, they sometimes do not provide you with air-dry functions or warm water supply. 

Is it easy to install a bidet?

Yes. According to our research, most of the people will finish installing within an hour. If you install by yourself, there will be a full instruction within the products and you can also search for some Youtube videos for installation. There are many people who are sharing their shopping experience as well on Youtube, and you will be surprised by how easy it is to install a bidet toilet seat. 

Why does bidet seat more eco friendly than toilet paper?

Bidet seats could cost only pennies per week, yet you are only using the water and electricity to get yourself clean up. With state of the art built-in energy-saving functions, the bidets are in sleeping mode until you sit down and the sensors wake it up. The toilet paper is much waste than the bidet seat. 

Do the bidets have warranties?

Most of the bidet toilet seats have 1-3 year warranties, depending on the brand and model. Most of the time, they won’t disfunction unless you ruin or push the buttons too hard. The nozzle heads can sometimes malfunction, and you can remove the nozzle head with the replacement parts seasonally or yearly for your convenience. 

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