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Does Warm Air Dryer on Bidets really work?

Bidet seat has been gaining popularity in the US lately. The convenience and comfort it brings have converted many bidet doubters to bidet lovers. Try imagining this: you go sit on the toilet, take your time to do your business, and pull your pants up after you are done. The only thing you have to do during the process is to press some buttons to wash and dry yourself. Easy-peasy. There is only one problem, how effective can it be? Most bidets on the market can effectively clean the users. However, the same thing cannot be said for drying.

After talking to more than 5000 users of bidet seats, we have found that more than half of the users are not satisfied with the air-dry functions on their bidet seat. Most people complained that it took too long for the bidet to fully dry the user. Some people said they have never been able to get dry using the air-dry function alone without using toilet paper to pat dry. Most people stopped using the function after being disappointed by the first few tries.

Today, we are going to answer this question: Do bidets equipped with effective air dryers exist in the market?

The answer is yes. For example, TOTO s550e Washlet, the most luxurious bidet toilet seat money can buy. With a price tag of $1680+, you would expect it to excel at every function. While most bidet seat can fully dry a user after-wash in 2-4 minutes, this model can do it in about 1-1.5 minutes, much faster than the brand’s previous models.

While TOTO’s Washlets are super luxury at the touch and effective in use, the price can scare off a lot of people. Here is another model that can get the job done without breaking your bank account: Mordeer C650.

Mordeer is not nearly well-known as Toto, but that does not mean it cannot produce good products. It is a brand that put their focuses on developing the most advanced technology for the functions that are the most relevant to the user, like washing and drying. Mordeer has instant water heating technology even on its entry-level bidets because they believe no one should be sprayed at his/her sensitive part with cold water. They also dedicate time to trying to solve the air-dry puzzle. They sure have found a good answer. Its most advanced model, C650, has 4 temperature settings and 3 speed settings. The dryer feels noticeably stronger than many models on the market. Also, the amount of air that flows through the dryer vent feels considerably larger as well. When it is set on the highest temperature and highest speed, it can fully dry the user in about 1-1.5 minutes as well.

Apart from great air-drying performance, C650 also has some advanced functions like an air-infused water stream, UV light sanitization, which are only offered by the luxurious lines of other brands. Mordeer C650, on the other hand, only costs you $449.

If your budget allows you to purchase the TOTO s500e, I would say go for it. TOTO is a great brand and it is a great bidet. But if you don’t, C650 is a great choice. Sure, with this price, you will not get some of the fancy functions that TOTO s550e has, for example, auto-open lid. But it gets the job done, and it does the job WELL.

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