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How does a bidet seat actually work?

How does a bidet seat actually work?

You must be wondering why so many people are buying bidets these days. There are in fact a lot of kinds of bidet toilet seats on our current market today. If you would like to see some details on these bidet seats, feel free to visit our website’s main page at www.bidetpedia.com.

Then, if you know about most of the brands in our current market, and you know about the difference between each of them is the quickest tool for you to get the best one between them. 

Usually, no matter you choose a non-electronic bidet toilet seat or an electric bidet seat, these products will always have a rod or wand, and depend on your model, they sometimes have multiple wands, and this is what we called nozzle heads. The rod is with a diameter, and it will be built into the bidet toilet bowl under the seat and they do, often have some self-cleaning functions that run after each usage. 

Your nozzle head will be right under our butt. Like I mentioned above, the nozzle head is build-in in the toilet bowl. The rods spray water will go through these nozzle heads to create you an extra cleanse and wash. There are also many bidet toilet seats in our market that offers you more than one head, and each head is designed to spray your butt in a certain position like feminine wash will clean your vaginal part, enema wash will clean your rear part. 

Does the bidet ever touch you?

Now if you are concerned about the washing process, we are being asked by this question over and over again, does a bidet seat ever really touch you? The answer is absolutely not, except you are touched by the toilet seat itself, the nozzle head never really touches you. While you are using the bidet, the only thing that ever touches your body is the water spray out from the nozzle head, the water can be adjusted by your side panel or remote control. This function will never reduce your comfort level, at the same time, it will keep you clean. Like we mentioned above, the nozzle head mostly has a self-cleaning function, too. They will do their job perfectly each time after you use them. 

Where does the water used by the bidet toilet seat come from?

Usually, the water that used to clean your part comes from the water line that used to fill your toilet water tank. There is a huge misunderstanding for the bidet toilet seat is that many people think the water that washes you come directly from the toilet bowl. In fact, this water is the same one you used when you brush your teeth, it is fresh and clean water, no additional pollution. The water comes from your house’s water system. Plus the water model you buy, there can even have additional water filters if you would like. 

Do bidet seats really work?

So all of this is great, but do bidet toilet seats really work?  Of course, they do!  The best way to prove it is to choose one and use it by yourself!  You can take a look at our previous blog posts, choose the one that suits you most, and start living a healthier, cleaner, more eco-friendly life today!

Does the bidet actually dry you?

Usually, most of the bidet seat cannot dry you entirely. You will need some tissue to dry you up entirely, and if you do have time to wait, you’d better using some tissue to leave your butt half-dry and use the warm air to dry it entirely.

How long does it take to dry your part?

Most of the dryers in our current market will need to take almost 5-10 mins to dry you entirely. Especially when you are asking for a quick dry, now many of the bidets do not have this function.

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