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How to clean your bidet toilet seat?

How to clean your bidet toilet seat?

Now if you own an existing bidet, cleaning and sanitizing it may be a big problem for you to consider. If you want your bidet seat last a long time without a change, cleaning is a very important process for you to upkeep your bidet, which will save you a large amount of money. Regardless of the bidet seats\ durability and theoretical lifespan, if you do not clean it properly, the bidet seat itself might malfunction over time. 

Our customers are divided into varieties of age groups. From seniors to children, you may concern that cleaning a bidet seat is difficult. In fact, based on real users, the process is just like cleaning your kitchen table. 

If you are having problems cleaning your bidet seat, you should continue reading. This post aims to help bidet users when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the fixture.

How to clean it properly?

In fact, there are a lot of ways that can do both good and harm for your bidet toilet seat. Depend on what type of bidet you own, your cleaning process may be very different. If you have an electric bidet, you may want to take extra care of it because sometimes it is more delicate for you to clean. 

As mentioned, there are specifics ways that are either good or bad for you. Depending on the type of bidet, your cleaning steps and maintenance practices may vary.

You may also want to refer to your bidet’s manual. Normally, these informative materials have all the necessary information about the bidet. From the installation all the way to the maintaining tips, these points are normally included in these materials. So, you may want to take advantage of that.

What you should do

  • Clean the seat case routinely, like weekly
  • Replace the bidet deodorizer, (if applicable, change the deodorizer yearly)
  • Wipe all the outside parts ever week
  • Use gentle and damp cloth
  • Focus the cleaning process on the nozzle, deodorizer, and seat
  • Tough stains you can use toilet detergent to clean and carefully use brushes

What you shouldn’t do

  • You must not use harmful and strong detergents, for some detergents will rot the surface of the bidet seat itself
  • Do not force clean or adjust the position of your bidet water filter, sometimes a tiny move will stop the filter from working. 
  • Do not sit on the lid, unless your lid is settable
  • Harmful cleaning solutions should not be an option
  • Do not scrub the surface too hard

Self-clean mode

Note that most of the bidets have self-cleaning nozzle heads, the heads part need to be removed and replace yearly. In this case, you should follow the instructions. 

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