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Smart Bidet SB1000 — Amazon bestseller bidet toilet seat review

If you have a bidet toilet seat it is a drop-in replacement and you can place it on your existing toilet tank and it will give you extra spray clean on your private part ties into the water supply for your toilet. The fundamental theory of using a bidet seat is the nozzle head will release a stream of water to clean the desired area of your body without touching your other parts and you can avoid using toilet paper. According to our research, the SmartBidet SB1000 has been receiving positive reviews since they started selling a few years ago. Once you get to use one, you will find the toilet seat equipped with all these devices to be comparatively primitive, and you can never go back to the old toilet routine!

SmartBidet SB1000

SmartBidet SB1000

Some people titled SmartBidet 1000 as the “new king for value” for both quality and the price. The SmartBidet 1000 makes higher-end models for the money. But unexpectedly, they made solid in all the parts ceramic heaters stainless steel parts all in nice shape and quality. 

As for functions, the SmartBidet 1000 has 5 different levels of adjustable pressure. What’s more, is that these bidets also give you 3 levels of water and heating temperature! Now imagine your smart bidet with the dryer system and warm water system (now let me tell you that there are 5 levels of pressure too), and it gives you more controllable options than you expected! Other than the water temperature, it also gives you 5 different nozzle positions that can all be custom made and custom stored into the unit. 

If you never used any smart bidets before you may think this is weird but it eliminates the need for toilet paper. However, you need to be aware that this version of the bidet doesn’t have an auto-closing lid.

It features:

  • `Front wash, Rear Wash, Turbo Wash
  • `Warm Air Dryer
  • `Oscillation mode 
  • `Adjustable nozzle position
  • `Multiple water pressure settings
  • `Temperature settings for both dryer, washes, and seat
  • `Eco mode
  • `1-year warranty


  • `Price under $250, it is almost the cheapest electronic bidet seat with all expected features
  • `Easy install, usually you can install within an hour
  • `It features varieties of washing modes to suit for a whole family
  • `Oscillation mode provides you with a wide and large area space washing


  • `The oscillation mode cannot replace enema wash, even it is a wide-wash, still, enema is more powerful
  • `The hot water supply can only last within 1 min, you may have to wait for a bit 
  • `It has almost all the functions you expect, but it does not provide you with a child wash mode
  • `Does not provide you with the round version


If you’re looking for great value quality cheap electric bidet toilet seat, look no further!  This SmartBidet SB-1000 bidet toilet seat will offer you with great comfort, and it also has an incredibly low price that is nearly impossible to beat, you will also expect a  wireless remote control you can set by the wall and it is easy to use.  With features like temperature settings, oscillation, a warm air dryer, and much more, this seat deserves a serious look.

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